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I liked PocketJobs and its services. Platforms like this are helpful to find the right candidate for the right job. I enjoyed its features, as they are user-friendly and less time-consuming. We also hired relevant candidates through PocketJobs for our organisation.

Happy with the hiring experience.

Taushif Arfeen - CEO
Adeeba E Services Pvt Ltd

PocketJobs is a great platform for recruiting entry-level candidates. I have been using this platform from last month, and we have hired several professionals. The best thing I found about this portal is that it is recruiter friendly and easy to use.

V.Purushothaman - CEO
M/s.Technosys Engineers and Consultants (Chennai) Pvt. Ltd.

It's been two months I have been using PocketJobs, and the experience is good so far. I like the features offered by this platform. The best thing I felt while using PocketJobs was that you get access to a better quality of candidates, which help you to hire the best among the best for your organisation.

Hoppoo Lifestyle India Private Limited

I had a good experience while hiring candidates from PocketJobs. Portal like PocketJobs is a panacea for recruiters who deal in entry-level hiring. We have hired professionals in DMS, fundraising and communication field. I would recommend PocketJobs for entry-level hiring.